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Muti ply Conveyor Belt



    Conveyor belt generally consists of cover rubber, carcass and rubber skim coat. The reinforced breaker fabri is used for extra protection.


    Covers of natural or synthetic rubber are designed to protect the carcass from abrasion, impact deterioration and other injurious influences. They are compounded to meet particular service confitions such as abrasion, oil, heat, fire, chemical resistant and antistiatic etc.


    Carcass of a belt maintains the belt tension and suppliers structural atrength,it does all of the work in supporting and pulling the load. Carcass consists of multiple plies of rubber impregnated fabric bonded with friction and skim coats. The fabrics most commonly used are nylon, polyester and cotton,etc.


    An extra layer compound between plies that increases flex life and creates a more elastic lind so that plies flex without sparation. Skim coats cushion fabrics against impact and help protect againt moisture.

    A specically woven fabric between the cover and the carcass to improve adhesion and provide better resistance to cover stripping, gouging or tearing. This is normally used in belts handling primarilly crushed and sized material which gives great impact to the belt when lumps droip at a loading point.